Careers and Enterprise


At Kirk Balk Academy we are committed to providing our students with a planned programme of

careers education for all students in Year 7 to Year 11, information, advice and guidance that is

impartial and confidential (within legal confines) and prepares students for the challenges of adult

and working life.


Kirk Balk Academy has a statutory requirement when delivering careers education, to ensure that

information about learning options and careers is presented impartially and that advice promotes

the best interests of students.

The aims of outstanding, impartial careers education may be summarised as follows:

 Empowers young people to plan and manage their own futures

 Responds to the needs of each learner

 Provides comprehensive information and advice

 Raises aspirations

 Actively promotes equality of opportunity

 Challenges stereotypes

 Helps young people to progress

 Give a wider and relevant context for learning

Intended Outcomes

Kirk Balk Academy is committed to raising aspirations and maximising the benefits for every student

in the development of a whole Trust approach to CEIAG by providing a planned programme of

activities both in and outside of the curriculum.

Northern Education Trust is committed to providing:

 A comprehensive Careers Education programme with clear learning outcomes

 Access to independent and impartial guidance for all students

 A partnership approach to CEIAG provision

 Assistance for all students to make a successful transition into further/higher

education, employment, or training

 A high quality CEIAG programme. Kirk Balk Academy is working towards the Quality in

Careers Standard.

We fully endorse the DFE's 'Careers strategy: making the most of everyone's skills and talents'

(December 2017) and the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks as detailed in the Department for Education's Statutory Guidance, January 2018.