At Kirk Balk Academy we believe every student can achieve and aim to raise their aspirations to believe in themselves. Through a high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance programme, our young people will be supported to make realistic and informed decisions about their career pathways, have high aspirations and support them with achieving personal success and future economic wellbeing.

We will support students in making well-informed decisions when significant study or career choices are being made by providing access to differentiated, impartial and independent information and guidance about the range of options (including academic, vocational, apprenticeships) that are most likely to help them to achieve their ambitions. By helping students with decisions at crucial stages, informing them of all their options and introducing them to employers, we aim to prepare them for the world of work whichever pathway they choose.

We have a careers programme designed to support our students at all stages of their learning journey. This programme will provide our students with the knowledge, inspiration and ability to take ownership of their own career action plans which will enable them to succeed in their chosen career paths. Our careers programme supports the achievement of the eight Gatsby Benchmarks (hyperlink to Gatsby Benchmarks page on tab 2 drop down) as detailed in the Department for Education's Statutory Guidance, January 2018.


Year 7 Parents Evening was hosted on 10 January 2017. In total 80% of parents attended and 144 parental questionnaires were completed.These responses show that:

94% of parents agreed that 'My child is happy at Kirk Balk'
97% of parents agreed that 'My child feels safe at Kirk Balk'
99% of parents agreed that 'My child is making good progress'
98% of parents agreed that 'My child is well looked after at Kirk Balk'
98% of parents agreed they 'would recommend Kirk Balk to another parent'

- Year 7 Parent Feedback


94.3% A to C in Chemistry

94.3% of students at Kirk Balk achieved grades A*-C in their 2017 Chemistry GCSE exam

68% achieved a grade 4 (equivalent to a grade C) or higher in Mathematics

68% achieved a grade 4 (equivalent to a grade C) or higher in Mathematics

90.7% A*-C in Physics

90.7% of students achieved grades A*-C in the summer 2017 GCSE Physics exams.