Post 16 Applications/Timeline


Applications to post 16 providers usually open from October for Year 11 students to submit their application forms either online or on paper.

Prior to making an application, you should have:

  • Researched your career options - see Miss Dakin for a careers appointment
  • Attended open days
  • Explored all options/pathways - Vocational, A Levels, Apprenticeships
  • Looked at the entry requirements for the course you want, are you currently on track to meet these grades, are there any specific subjects you need

If you are unsure where you want to study, you can apply to more than one provider (college, sixth form or training), usually for more than one subject and narrow your choices down after your interview.

Some providers may have closing dates so please check this carefully when doing your research.


Most post 16 providers will invite you in for an interview, which is a chat with the tutor of the course you are interested in. Here you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the course such as what will you study, where have students progressed to, what equipment will I need etc. You will also be asked to take a copy of your last STEPs report.

Following the interview, you will hopefully be offered a 'Conditional' place, which is subject to you meeting the entry requirements they specify. If you don't receive an offer, please see Miss Dakin to explore alternative options.

Taster Days

You may be invited to attend taster days with your chosen provider. These are a chance to experience first-hand what the course will be like and to potentially meet other students.


For full-time courses, you will be invited by the provider to 'Enrolment'. This usually takes place after your receive your GCSE Results in August. Make sure you pick up your GCSE Results!

Apprenticeships can start at various times of the year.

Throughout the summer, Miss Walker, Barnsley TIAG is available to support you.