Quality in Careers Standard - Code of Practice

Kirk Balk Academy is working towards the Quality in Careers Standard.

This is awarded by Inspiring IAGwhich is a Licensed Awarding Body for the national standard.

Stage 1 - expected completion date December 2018

Stage 2 - expected completion date December 2019

Stage 3 - expected completion date December 2020

The aim of the award is to:

  • Ensure young people get the support they need to make well informed, realistic decisions about their future through careers education, information, advice and guidance.
  • Have appropriate, up to date, accurate and impartial information and resources that all young people can access regardless of race, gender, religion, ability, disability, social background or sexual orientation.
  • Ensure the organisational policies relating to careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) are up to date and regularly reviewed and reflect this code of practice.
  • Empower young people by informing them of how they can access CEIAG to help them plan their future and make well informed, realistic decisions.
  • Provide young people from year 8 onwards access to impartial professionally qualified careers guidance[1] and ensure formal regular assessment arrangements are carried out of the guidance practitioner, by appropriately qualified[2] senior staff to determine ongoing competency.
  • Offer all young people access to impartial and independent[3] careers guidance[4], at a time and place that suits their needs.
  • Ensure that all staff working with young people are offered and access ongoing training about qualifications/progression pathways and other relevant subjects and that there is a formal system in place to ensure the competency of all staff in delivering CEIAG.
  • Work in partnership, where appropriate, with opportunity providers including employers, FE and training providers, and youth support services.
  • Working with parents/carers to offer them information, advice and guidance to help them, help their son/daughter.
  • Involve young people in the design, delivery and evaluation of CEIAG programmes.
  • Promote equality of opportunity, celebrating diversity, challenging stereotypes and raising aspirations.

[1] "Professionally qualified" means an approved Career Development Institute (CDI) advice and guidance qualification at level 6 or above

[2] "Appropriately qualified" in this context means careers advice and guidance qualified

[3]" Independent" means external to the organisation

[4] "Career guidance" as defined by the DfE. "Careers Inspiration in Schools" March 2015