Barcelona Watersports Trip

22nd Jun 2018

Barcelona Watersports Trip

As the trip is fast approaching, we wanted to get in touch to clarify some important information regarding equipment, expectations and safety. I have attached the kit list again for your reference, but we would like to reiterate the importance of ensuring that our students are fully equipped for all activities.

For beach watersports students must have a pair of wet shoes/old trainers. They need to wear swimwear/shorts and a t-shirt for all activities. Acorn will provide buoyancy aids for all water based activities. The camp have a strict no bikini policy so students wishing to swim in the swimming pool require a full swimming costume, which is also required for the waterpark. Students will be provided with two KBA t-shirts for the trip. We insist that each morning, students apply a thorough layer of suncream before we set off for the activities and bring with them a fine mist spray to make re-application as easy as possible when out and about. Students are also recommended to bring a cap or sun hat. Please pack some plastic bags to carry wet clothing/shoes and to carry dirty washing home.

Please be reminded that electrical items such as hairdryers and straighteners are not permitted on the camp. Students wishing to bring phones, iPods, and iPads/tablets will be bringing them at their own risk. Our insurance for the trip does not cover electrical items. It is therefore advised that if your child is bringing one of these items, you have your own insurance policy to cover any damage or loss.

On Friday 22nd June all students are expected to be in school as normal and in full uniform for 8:25am. Students will bring their luggage into school where it will be stored securely until departure. At 11:00am (the end of break) students will be permitted to get changed into their comfortable clothing for travelling. The coach will depart from the bus bay on West Street at 12:30pm.If you would like to come to say goodbye and to collect your child's uniform, we ask that you park in the leisure centre car park so that the coach can park safely in the bus bay. The coach is equipped with a DVD player so your child may wish to bring age appropriate DVDs for the journey. We will use the school twitter account to tweet updates of our journey. Please follow us @Kirkbalkacademy.

If your child is taking prescribed or non-prescribed medication that they will need whilst on the trip, please make sure it is brought into school by Wednesday 20th June. Any medication must be clearly labelled with your childs name and the dosage required. If you have any further quieries please do not hesitate to contact me [email protected].

Yours faithfully

Mrs L Fell Mr M Davies

Trip Leader Vice Principal