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UK Junior Maths Kangaroo Success

4th Jul 2017

UK Junior Maths Kangaroo Success

UK Junior Maths Kangaroo competition

Thomas W qualified for the Junior Maths Kangaroo competition, after receiving a Gold certificate in the Junior Maths Challenge (JMC). Only those with a high score in the JMC qualified for the Kangaroo, as it is an invitation-only event. The top 25% of those sitting the Kangaroo then receive a Merit certificate. Thomas's score of 101/135 put him solidly in the merit category.

This is a fantastic achievement for Thomas, being the first Kirk Balk pupil to get a Merit in the Kangaroo. The Maths Department were extremely proud of his efforts, as well as all of the other certificate winners, including Jessica R (Year 7) who got a Gold in the JMC.