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English School's Football -6th Round Success

21st Jan 2018

English School's Football -6th Round Success

On Monday the Y10 boys took part in the 6th round of the English Schools Football Cup against Snaith School, Doncaster. They successfully won to go through to the final 16 in the country. It was a very closely contended game, but the entire team showed excellent composure to achieve a 3-2 victory.

The match opened with a goal from Snaith, but Harrison McGreggor, scored shortly after to level the score. Going into the second half the score was level, at 1-1. Snaith went ahead in the opening minutes, but Kirk Balk replied with a long range goal from Ethan Kenney. Harrison then followed this up with his second goal with 3 minutes to go. With Kirk Balk leading 3-2, a tense last few minutes followed. Despite late attempts from Snaith, Kirk Balk held for the victory, in an impressive defensive display.

The Cup originally began with over 1000 schools, so this is a very impressive achievement; well done to the whole team!