Kirk Balk Academy Pledges Programme

27th Mar 2018

Kirk Balk Academy Pledges Programme

The Pursuit of Pledges Begins…

March at Kirk Balk saw the launch of an exciting new Pledges programme that encourages students to think about their achievements and contributions outside of a classroom environment. These eleven Pledges are aimed at all year groups and allow students to build a successful portfolio to prepare them for life after Kirk Balk Academy and when looking for future employment.

What are the Kirk Balk Academy Pledges?

Pledge 1: Regularly attend an after-Academy activity

Pledge 2: Represent the Academy in a sporting, cultural or academic event

Pledge 3: Take part in an 'outward bound' residential programme

Pledge 4: Attend an academic, cultural or national sporting event

Pledge 5: Take part in a production or event

Pledge 6: Take part in a formal presentation to an audience

Pledge 7: Be actively involved in an international experience

Pledge 8: Be actively involved in a community experience

Pledge 9: Participate in a fundraising event in the Academy

Pledge 10: Contribute towards the sustainability of the Academy

Pledge 11: Participate in twenty hours of work-discovery, enterprise or careers-related

Already eager Kirk Balk students have started gathering evidence in order to meet each of these unique activities. These range from: participation in extra-curricular activities, fundraising for local charities, involvement in a school production/event or even being actively involved in an international experience!

At Kirk Balk, we are fully aware that our students often do exceptional and rewarding things outside of school, however sometimes do not receive the full recognition for this. With the Pledges, we are now celebrating each and every pupil for the contributions and things they do every single day. Our current cohort are certainly an inspiration for future students when preparing for the wider world.

Good luck to all Kirk Balk students on their pursuit of Pledges in future months. It will undoubtedly be a successful and rewarding adventure!

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