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NET Kirk Balk Behaviour Policy

27th Mar 2018

NET Kirk Balk Behaviour Policy


You will be aware that we constantly focus on standards, as we understand that outcomes for your children are paramount for their future life chances. This means everything to us and we realise that you expect nothing less. As previously communicated, we want all our conversations, wherever possible, to centre on learning and not on the things that 'just get in the way'. Therefore, as we continue with our ambitions, I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that earlier in this academic year governors agreed to adopt many sections of the Northern Education Trust Behaviour Policy that relate to uniform and general student conduct.

This is a common framework which is being implemented in all Northern Education Trust Academies, of which we are one. Many of the foundations of this new policy were undistinguishable from our previous position. For example, the rules regarding uniform, make-up, footwear and mobile phones are identical; as are many other things.

Specifically, the governors adopted the NET stance on:

Punctuality and readiness to learn

Equipment needed for school

The Uniform


What happens if a student refuses a 'reasonable request'

The approach to Fixed-Term Exclusions (FTE)

The approach to Permanent Exclusions (PEX)

The use of partial timetables

The provision of education for students excluded for a period exceeding 5 days

Screening, searching and confiscation


Use of reasonable force

Discipline beyond the Academy gate

The role of the Behaviour Committees of the Academy Council

Independent Review Panels

How we work with the Police

Making reasonable adjustments

In terms of the Behaviour Management System the academy continues to utilise the well-known 'Environment' and 'Excellence' for Learning (EL and EX) Systems until such a time the academy introduces 'The Consequences Behaviour Management System'

Positive Praise and Recognition, Environment for Learning (Behaviour) and Kirk Balk Expectations Policies

Our aim is to establish the highest possible standards of behaviour at Kirk Balk Academy. This is important so that the school has an environment that is always a warm, caring, friendly and happy place where learning can flourish.

Environment for Learning (EfL)

Our Environment for Learning system (EfL) is based on the principle that, once students know the rules and the consequences, they can make the right choices for themselves and for others.

We have a set of consequences for disruption to the Environment for Learning (EfL) within the classroom.

EL1: A first warning, firmly given.

EL2: The second warning.

EL3: Re-Allocation and a same day detention for 60 minutes after

Excellence for Learning (ExL)

The 'Excellence for Learning' system is designed to promote respect for all members of the academy community and achievement in all aspects of academy life.

We have a set of commendations for outstanding contributions and participation within the classroom.

Ex1: Verbal praise from the teacher for good participation in lesson.

Ex2: The second level of praise. Name displayed on the poster

Ex3: The third level of in-class praise - praise text message is sent home to parents/carers the same day

NET Behaviour Policy- March 2018