Uniform Expectation Reminder

1st Feb 2019

Uniform Expectation Reminder

As we rapidly approach the mid-point of the academic year it feels timely to remind everyone about our uniform policy.

In the very best schools almost all conversations are about learning and how staff can support students to be more successful. By having high and clear expectations we remove the need to constantly discuss things that simply 'get in the way'.

You will be aware from my previous letters that last academic year, governors adopted the Northern Education Trust Behaviour Policy.This is a common framework which is being implemented in all Northern Education Trust Academies, of which we are one.Full details of this are available on our website.

Appendix 12 of the policy, as well as information on the website, refers specifically to the uniform policy.

Over the past few weeks we have been reminding students of our expectations on all uniform issues. By offering this timely reminder, we can redouble our efforts with regards to working with all our students in achieving their target grades for this academic year.

For the avoidance of doubt, I include here a summary of what is included in the policy. I would ask parents and carers to particularly note the sections on hoodies, make-up, jewellery, mobile devices and the information about items in blazer pockets:

  • School shoes must be plain black school shoes made of a polishable material. We do not permit high boots or high visibility buckles/bows/coloured laces or tags etc. Please note that trainers or canvas shoes are not acceptable
  • School trousers should be plain black school trousers. Trousers that are 'skinny fit', tight or short length are not permitted
  • Skirts must be an Academy skirt (purchased only from the approved uniform provider). Skirts must be worn correctly (not rolled up or fastened to higher than the intended length). The Academy skirt must always be worn with plain black tights (no bare legs or coloured tights).
  • Socks should be plain black ankle length socks
  • School shirts must be plain white and formal shirts. These must be tucked in at all times.
  • The Academy blazer (purchased only from the approved uniform provider) is to be worn at all times, including in corridors and open spaces/dining halls etc. Please note that sleeves must be rolled down (students can remove blazers in classrooms with teacher permission). The Principal will announce if blazers can be removed and carried in open spaces in the event of hot weather
  • Students must wear the Academy tie. The top button on the shirt must be fastened and the tie worn appropriately. The tie should cover all shirt buttons. Ties cannot be too short
  • Make-up must not be worn
  • Graffiti or writing on hands or arms for any reason is not permitted
  • Hoodies are not allowed on the academy site at all (hoodies or coats are never to be worn under blazers or otherwise at any time). Hoodies will be confiscated. Coats must be removed once inside academy building
  • Jewellery must not be worn. A wrist watch is the only permissible exception (not a smart watch)
  • No bottles, planners or other large items (including food) are allowed in blazer pockets. These must be placed in the student's bag. Students are required to bring a school bag every day and therefore all items should be stowed within this
  • No phones, smart watches or other electronic devices are allowed (at any time in the academy - this includes after school activities)
  • Energy drinks, of any kind, are not allowed in the academy.

As mentioned in previous letters, students who breach the policy will be asked to address the issue raised. Jewellery, mobile devices and hoodies will be confiscated and stored in reception, whereby parents can collect them at the end of the day. A one hour detention will also be issued. Detentions will also be issued for other breaches of the uniform policy.

Please note that we do not exclude students for wearing jewellery, having mobile phones or any other breaches of this policy. We will however, always ask students to rectify the issue that we have raised. These are reasonable requests.

If a student fails to comply immediately with a reasonable request then the academy will issue a further sanction, which may include a fixed term exclusion. Parents should be clear that this applies to all reasonable requests and not just those associated with uniform.