Autism Awareness Week, April 1st-7th

1st Apr 2019

Autism Awareness Week, April 1st-7th

Being on the autistic spectrum is so common and the ways people behave varies so widely, that it's very hard to describe what a person with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) might be like.

Everyone is unique.

It's because of the ability of people with high functioning ASD to see things differently that we have some of our world's greatest achievements.

This week, at Kirk Balk, we are celebrating Autism Awareness.

Autism doesn't mean that we need to treat people with ASD very differently, or make a big deal about it. However, it is important to be aware that ASD exists and can mean that some people act differently or may want to be helped in different ways to others. #The important thing is we are all a valued part of this school community and we all respect each other.