Physical Education

Course Description

In the Core PE course, students are taught how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. They will increase their knowledge and understanding of how physical activity benefits not only their health and wellbeing, but also offers opportunities to develop leadership and officiating skills. Students are offered a wide range of activities including Netball, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Fitness, Table Tennis, Rounders, Athletics, Tennis and Cricket. Students also have the opportunity to choose which activities they would like to participate in, which encourages students to stay physically active once they have left school. Students at Key Stage 4 are assessed at the end of every unit of work. They are assessed in the following areas; Developing Skills, Making and Applying decisions, Developing Physically and Mentally, Evaluating and Improving and Leading a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.

Department Statement

Physical Education at Key Stage 4 is a natural progression from Key Stage 3. Skills learned and developed earlier are applied in specific areas, especially strategic awareness and tactics.