Food & Nutrition

Course: WJEC GCSE Food and Nutrition

Controlled Assessment

50% of Final grade

Food Preparation and Nutrition in Action.

Both assessments are completed during the final year of the course.

Assessment 1 - 8 hours

Assessment 2 - 12 hours


50% of Final grade

Principles of Food Preparation and Nutrition.

This is a written examination paper taking place in May/June of the final year of the course which lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.

All questions are compulsory and it is split into -

Section A - questions based on stimulus material

Section B - questions which have both short and extended responses which are related to food preparation and nutrition.

Course Descriptions

This is the first Technology subject to be taught under the recent Government education reforms which follows the new 1-9 grading system. This new and exciting course combines both practical and written elements that allow students to build up, apply and develop a range of skills, knowledge and understanding of the preparation and nutrition of food.

The non-examination element consists of two practical tasks; assessment 1 (30% of the marks) is based around a scientific food investigation which will assess the learners knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to scientific principles underlying the preparation and cooking of food. Assessment 2 (70% of the marks) is to prepare, cook and present a menu which assesses the learner's knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to the planning, preparation, cooking (3 dishes and accompaniments) and presentation of foods. This will be facilitated in a 3 hour practical exam.

The written examination covers the areas of;

  • Food commodities
  • Principles of nutrition
  • Diet and good health
  • The science of food
  • Where food comes from
  • Cooking and food preparation

This learning is assessed in a written exam lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes. It consists of 10 questions which assess both short and long word responses; the same exam paper is sat by all entrants. This knowledge is taught and developed over the full length of the course via both practical and written work.

Department Statement

This is a very exciting time within the Food and Catering department; it has been over 10 years since they have experienced any changes in the courses delivered. Over this time the department has built up a reputation for good and outstanding results, the challenge now is to continue with this success whilst developing new resources to support and challenge students in their food studies. This course replaces all the Food and Hospitality based GCSE subjects as part of the Government education reforms, it is designed for students with an enthusiasm to learn about food and nutrition in a practical environment. It gives them the opportunity to learn a life skill whilst at the same time gaining a GCSE qualification. It develops many work based skills that employers are looking for whilst allowing students to become an all-round learner.


The study of this subject can lead directly to careers in the food service industry and also the food development and science industries which are linked very closely to jobs within large supermarket chains. Jobs within the food industry are also linked closely to work within the service and leisure industries, including, restaurants, hotels and sport facilities. An interest in food can also lead in to jobs in the health service (Speech Therapists and Dieticians) along with educations (teaching and children's services) and the armed forces but more importantly it is a skill for life, something that allows you to look after yourself and your family, make the right informed choices for a healthy and hopefully long life. It is seen by many colleges and employers in all industries as an advantage as people with these skills are well organised and able to plan, allowing them to successfully managing their time and therefore complete work set on time.

For more information contact Mrs S Crehan (Head of Food & Nutrition) or Mrs J Panazzolo.