Course: AQA GCSE Art & Design


In Year 10

  • An introductory project based on the work of Pablo Picasso.
  • A longer project entitled "Myself" in which students are to use themselves as subject matter to develop towards a personal, individual final piece of artwork.

In Year 11

  • A 3D project where students are encouraged to make a personal response to the subject of "Life & Death".

Student attainment for the Portfolio coursework will make 60% of the final GCSE grade.

External Assessment

External Test preparations start in January and culminate in a final art exam in March/April. Students will be expected to create a piece of artwork based on studies undertaken in response to a question or title on the exam paper.

Student attainment for the Controlled Test will make up 40% of their final GCSE grade

Course Descriptions

The AQA GCSE Art qualification is currently a two year course where students will gain skills and knowledge by researching artists, practising new techniques using a wide variety of art materials and developing their own ideas based on their studies. Written annotations must be present in all preparatory work.

Presently, students are timetabled 5 hours per fortnight, however they will be expected to take work home regularly and attend regular after school sessions to complete all project work to a high standard. Any project work missed through absence must be completed in the student's own time.

Throughout the course students will be encouraged to work independently in order to develop initiative and problem solving skills under guidance from the art tutors.

Department Statement

The Art Department aims to ensure that each student gets the encouragement, guidance and opportunity they need to successfully pass their GCSE with work they can be proud of!


Skills and qualifications gained from this course can help towards careers in Fine art, Stage Design, Fashion, Graphic Design, Animation, Illustration, Media design (TV, Cinema etc.) Advertising, Education and more.

For more information contact Mr S Martin or Mr S Dalton