Business Studies

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Course: Edexcel GCSE Business Studies

Controlled Assessment

25% of Final grade

Introduction to Small Business but assessed through Controlled Assessment. This is a 9 hour piece of work that contains 6 hours of independent research and then 3 hours of write-up time.

Students choose the business they want to focus on and then work with that business to answer one of five questions the exam board provide.


75% of Final grade

The examinations in Business Studies are split:

Unit 1 - Small Business Multiple Choice Examination (25%) This is a 45-minute examination.

Unit 3 - Building a Business Examination (50%) This is a 90-minute examination. Table Cell

Course Description

  • Introduction to Small Business - this looks at all aspects of small business development from ownership to sources of finance.
  • Introduction to Small Business but assessed through Controlled Assessment. This is a 9-hour piece of work that contains independent research and then write-up time.
  • Building a business - focusing on larger businesses and international trade. This looks at businesses that trade across the UK, Europe or worldwide and the impact external factors have on the success of the business.

Department Statement

While it is obvious that those planning on working in most industries and prospective entrepreneurs should study business, all people should learn as much about business operations as possible. Becoming knowledgeable about how businesses operate helps increase your competitiveness in the job market and to understand how the businesses and governments drive our world economies.


Business Studies GCSE can be useful for absolutely every job. Business Studies is particularly relevant if you want work in the Human Resources, Marketing and Finance department of either a small or large business. It is also relevant if you want to work as an Accountant, Stockbroker, Recruitment Consultant or be an entrepreneur and set up your own business.