Course: WJEC Sociology


Paper 1: Understanding Social Processes (50%) - 1 hour 30 minute examination

You will answer questions on:

  • Gender and identity
  • Education
  • Research Methods

Paper 2: Understanding Social Structures (50%) - 1 hour 30 minute examination

You will answer questions on:

  • Power and Wealth
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Research Methods

Course Descriptions

  • Why are some people rich and some people poor?
  • Why do some people commit crimes?
  • Are people born evil?
  • Why do we need laws?

Sociology will help students think about these questions and challenge students to consider the issues associated with them. Our students will learn to be articulate, confident and able to engage with relevant and challenging issues that directly affect the world they live in.

The sociology department develops in students a wide range of knowledge about society, and a clear understanding of how sociologists study and understand its structures, processes and issues. We intend to make Sociology exciting, interesting and relevant to students' lives.

Students are encouraged to question evidence and issues and develop their critical and evaluation skills.

Department Statement

Kirk Balk's sociology department make's the following pledge:

We will provide an outstanding teaching and learning experience that will explore and challenge some of society's big questions. We will ensure outstanding outcomes that will aide you in your journey towards success and prosperity.


Sociology is a GCSE that impresses employers.

Careers that Sociology relates to are:

  • Nurse or Doctor
  • Newspaper journalist
  • Social worker
  • Youth worker
  • Teacher
  • Police and Criminal Justice system (Lawyer/Solicitor/Probation worker)
  • Researcher

For more information contact Miss J Doyle (Head of Ethics).