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Timing of the Academy Day Information

Changes to the Timings of the Academy Day

When we return in September we intend to operate according to slightly different times in terms of our academy day.

In terms of the structure of our day, this will remain the same, with lessons continuing to be one hour in length and the time spent on breaks, lunches and in our Vertical Mentoring Tutor Groups (VMG) also remaining the same.

The diagram below shows the current structure and indeed, the structure that will continue in September, irrespective of the academy start and finish time:


You will notice that the only difference is that we intend to slide everything forwards by 20 minutes; meaning that our academy day will begin at 8:25am as opposed to 8:45am and will therefore, finish at 2:30pm as opposed to 2:55pm.

We have always asked that students be on site from 8:00am so they are not late for their first lesson and so that they can get organised for the day ahead. This will still be the case in September.

In addition to a slightly earlier start time, the earlier finish will mean we can continue to commit to pursuing our ethos around sporting and extra-curricular participation and success as we look to enter even more regional and national competitions. Of course, a whole array of other activities will be on offer after school. We refer to anything that happens after the academy day as 'Period 6' time.

The changes proposed means that 'Period 6' will be from 2:30pm until 3:30pm every day, allowing any student that wishes to, to be able to participate and finish these voluntary activities in good time to get home in daylight, particularly during the winter months.

Furthermore, as we continue our journey to become an outstanding academy, we are incredibly excited about the prospect of offering an even wider range of extra classes and revision sessions to all students during this slightly earlier 'Period 6' time. We are confident that this time will benefit all students in our community, particularly those who will be about to embark upon their GCSE examinations, as we continue to realise our ambition of doing all we can to raise the achievement of every child.

For absolute clarity, parents and carers are reminded that as stated above, this has no impact on the structure of the day and this will remain as it currently is now, with students still having the same amount of lessons and breaks which are the same length in terms of their duration.

So, in summary, we are proposing:

From 8:00am The Academy is open to students

8:25am Period 1

9:25am Period 2

10:25am Vertical Mentoring Group (VMG)

10:40am Break Time

11:00am Period 3

12:00pm Period 4

1:00pm Lunch Time

1:30pm Period 5

2:30pm End of Academy Day

(Period 6 is then available to students for sporting activities/other extra-curricular sessions/revision classes/specific Year 11 intervention groups etc. from 2:30pm until 3:30pm)

Naturally, the Governors would like to know what parents think of the proposal before they consider the matter and decide, hence the purpose of this letter. I have included this information on our website, as well as a 'Frequently Asked Questions' document.

I have tried to set out fairly the educational possibilities that might be realised from a change in the timing of the day. However, these may be outweighed by the social implications of the change which the Governors need to be aware of through a response from you.

If you would like to let them know your views, you can either write to me at the academy, e-mail me at [email protected], or you can complete the form below

The period of consultation will last until Friday 30th June and if the consensus is to proceed with this proposal, I would envisage moving to the new timings from September.

As ever, thank you for your continued support of the academy.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. D A Buckley

Head of Academy

Frequently Asked Questions