Admissions Policy

Kirk Balk Academy is an 11 - 16 Northern Education Trust Academy . As an academy within the Barnsley authority we admit students under the general criteria for admission as published by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

The academy is a comprehensive school and will accept children of all abilities. This means no child is offered a place or refused a place on the basis of his or her general ability.

The academy recognises that all children, including those resident outside the Borough, have an equal right to apply for a place.

The academy will admit a pupil into any year group throughout the academic year if parents request a transfer which is agreed to by the Local Education Authority after consultation with the academy. NB If the transfer is from another secondary school within the Local Authority then consultation will take place with that school before transfer is finally agreed.

The policy of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council is that children with special educational needs will, wherever possible, be educated in mainstream schools. If, after review, the academy considers this is not possible after the full allocation of available resources, then the academy will liaise with officers of the Local Authority and parents to consider other alternatives

For admissions relating to SEND students, Kirk Balk Academy follows the guidance set out in the BMBC policy (linked below).

For further information please contact Miss J Halliday (Associate Assistant Principal)

Admissions Policy - added 03.06.19

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