Detention Guidance

The Academy's Behaviour Policy clearly establishes the expectations about student behaviour and the rewards and sanctions that are used to maintain a safe, orderly and purposeful learning environment at Kirk Balk Academy.

Detentions are used as appropriate and the Academy's policy is based on current law that is published in the Government document "Behaviour and Discipline in Schools." This document is available on the Department for Education website.

Procedures for detention follow current law and information from the Department for Education.

The legislation states:

  • Teachers have a power to issue detention to students and parental consent is not required for detentions.
  • Legally, staff are not required to give parents notice of a detention as the school's Behaviour Policy clearly indicates that detentions are used as a sanction.
  • The times outside normal Academy hours when detention can be given include:
    • Any Academy day where the student does not have permission to be absent;
    • Weekends - except the weekend preceding or following the half term break;
    • Non-teaching days - usually referred to as "training days", "INSET days" or "non-contact days"

School Procedures

Detentions can be imposed by all members of staff in response to breaches of the schools behaviour policy. They can be held at the following times:

  • Break
  • Dinner
  • After school
  • INSET days
  • Saturdays

Break and Lunchtime detentions

It is the student's responsibility to inform parents and there is no legal obligation for staff to ensure this happens. Staff may choose to contact parents as part of the disciplinary process to support behaviour modification.

Detentions out of normal hours

Parental consent is not required for a detention to take place.

If the detention is not to be held on the same day the onus is on the child to inform their parent/carer that they will be later home than normal. If the detention is to take place on the same day the parent will normally be contacted by phone of text. There is no requirement for 24 hours notice.