What to do in the event of severe weather

Severe weather can put significant pressure on students, parents and colleagues. It inevitably causes a level of stress and anxiety, particularly for those approaching examinations; when every lesson counts. We can't do a great deal about the snow and freezing temperatures; such things are way beyond our control. What we can do is react in a way that minimises the disturbance that the poor conditions cause.

If there is weather that threatens the safe opening of our academy, we will place a message on the website to communicate if we are open or not. In order to judge the conditions, we will leave any such decision until the morning, therefore families are asked to log on to the website, which will be updated by 7.00am at the latest.

If we are closed, parents and colleagues who have given us mobile phone numbers will also get a text message. If you do not receive a message, presume the academy is open. We also contact Dearne FM, who broadcast a list of schools that have closed, as well as updating their own website. Finally, you can ring the academy number, where a recorded message will inform you of what is happening.

The decision to close is not taken lightly and involves an assessment of the forecast, conditions on site, and the state of the roads and buses. Once the academy re-opens, it is vital that students return to lessons promptly. We may need to get used to longer winters and we all need to show some grit and resilience, in order that the students' learning is not unduly disrupted.

I would like to extend my thanks in advance, to staff, parents and students for all their support during periods of bad weather. Please also note that any concessions regarding the uniform of students (boots etc.) will be decided by the academy and communicated in advance.

Mr Buckley