Gaining experience

Work experience is based on a simple truth: the best way of knowing what a job is like is by trying it. Not only will you get a good sense of what it involves, you'll also develop your skill and expand your CV. By doing this, you'll impress future employers.

10 things not to do in your first week at work

  1. Be late.
  2. Make or answer phone calls from friends or relatives, unless it's an emergency.
  3. Download personal stuff to your work computer or waste time on Facebook.
  4. Moan about your job on Twitter or Facebook. Your boss might see it.
  5. Wear something inappropriate.
  6. Answer back to your boss or argue with colleagues.
  7. Let friends take advantage of your new position.
  8. Be unsociable. You should get to know some of your colleagues.
  9. Forget to do things.
  10. Be afraid to ask for help.

What do you need to ware for work?

When you're considering what work you want to do, think about what you'll need to wear. Different jobs have different dress codes, so be sure you're comfortable looking the part.

  1. Wear the right clothes for the job.
  2. Feel at ease in your work clothes.
  3. Sometimes a uniform is essential so people can identify you.
  4. A uniform can be for practical reasons. White reflects heat which is handy in a hot kitchen.
  5. Some work clothes are for health and safety reasons.
  6. Smart dress is expected for many jobs - like in a hotel or a bank.
  7. Creative and media jobs often don't have a formal dress code. Suits can look out of place except in certain meetings.
  8. You can wear gym clothes to work if you're a personal trainer or a lifeguard.
  9. In some jobs your clothes will get messy.
  10. Working outside means you'll need to dress for the weather.

Useful to know


How to gain experience

Gaining experience can be hard but there are things you can do that will not only show off your initiative but also look great on your CV.


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Why I love my job

Everyone has different reasons for loving their job but picking a role that matches your skills and interests means you will enjoy it more. Discover the reasons why different people love different job roles.


  1. Discover the things people love about their job.
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