Interview skills

You have received an invitation to interview for a new job: congratulations!

If you're going to impress at interview, you need to prepare thoroughly. This page sets out what to do to prepare, some pointers about how to behave and react in the interview and what you might expect at an interview.

The most important thing to remember about any interview is that it is a two-way process. It is as much about you finding out whether you want to work for the company as them finding out whether they want you. This means it is important to present yourself as you really are, not pretend to be something you're not.

How to use your research

In your application and cover letter

If you're responding to a job ad, try to use some of the words from the ad in your cover letter or email. You could mention that you:

learnt a little about the company online and are keen to find out more
think highly of one of the company's products or services
have spoken to somebody at the company recently.

Don't go into too much detail. Remember to keep things short and to the point. The idea of mentioning your research is to show you're interested and to get yourself an interview.

At an interview

An interview is a good place to show you've got a keen interest in the job and already know a bit about the business. You could mention that you've looked at the company's website or that you rang to speak to somebody about the job.

Having done some research will help you to speak with confidence and mean you'll have more to talk about with the person interviewing you.

Useful to know


Researching Businesses

Get top tips for researching a company, so you can ask valuable questions at your interview and impress with your knowledge.


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  2. Discover the top 5 tips for researching businesses before an interview.

Mock Interview

Sharpen your interview skills with a mock interview and discover the top tips that will help you get the job.


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  2. Practise answering each question. Pause the video if you need more time to answer.
  3. Use the tips to help you.

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