English Language

Tips for revision

  • Collect non-fiction material from magazines and newspapers and apply exam questions to them to help your practise your skills on real texts.
  • Practise reading and tracking unseen texts to speed up your ability to read and process texts more quickly.

Tips for success - Reading exam

  • Read the first question carefully, track the text for the answer and then write. Repeat for the next question.
  • Manage exam time effectively.
  • Answer all questions set.

Tips for success - Writing exam

  • Read all the tasks.
  • Plan 5 minutes, write for 30 minutes, check, correct and edit 5 minutes. Repeat.
  • Use a range of language devices appropriate to the purpose.
  • Write in well organised paragraphs.
  • Aim for 500 words (2 sides of A4)
  • Use punctuation accurately and vary sentence starts and structures.

Revision links

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