English Literature

Tips for revision

  • Read the play and the novel again.
  • Create character maps for all characters and produce a timeline of events for the novel in chronological order.
  • Learn off by heart up to 5 quotations that sum up each character and associated themes.
  • Revise poems in pairs by theme - create mind maps to show similarities and differences with at l east 2 quotations from each poem as a key area of analysis
  • Use those poems not studied in the Moon on the Tide anthology to practise skills for the unseen poetry exam.

Tops for success

  • Always use quotations to support your ideas about the writers ideas.
  • Analyse the writers word choices in detail making sure that you pick on specific words or phrases to ensure that you can justify what ideas you think the writer is trying to communicate.
  • Remember to write in clear and coherent sentences so that good ideas are not lost.

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