Tips for revision

  • Past exam papers - these are available on the AQA website below, alongside the relevant mark schemes. Learn the types of questions asked and what the examiner is looking for. You will find that many of the papers overlap with similar questions year-in, year-out.
  • Revision guides and workbooks - every student completing Core Science this year has been given a free workbook, and revision guides and workbooks are available for all other courses from school at a discounted price. Buy them, but more importantly, USE THEM!
  • 6 Mark Questions - on each exam there is a longer answer question which is worth 6 marks, it is crucial that the students complete this question well as it can be the difference between a whole grade. Practice, practice, practice using the booklet we have provided them with.
  • Make use of You-tube - search on You-tube for e.g. AQA Science B1 adaptations, and it will bring up a wealth of revision videos and clips for quick 5 minute recaps of key concepts.
  • Keywords - In many ways Science is like learning a new language with many terms and phrases which are not used in everyday life. You need to use these effectively in the exam to demonstrate your understanding. Why not make keyword cards?

Tips for success

  • RTQ, RTQ, RTQ - Read the question! Read it again! Are you sure you understand what you are being asked? Read it again!
  • Mark a minute - it is a 60 mark exam in 60 minutes, make sure you use every second, but don't ponder too long on a question and run out of time.
  • Keywords - Often the examiner is looking for the use of a keyword, and you will only get the mark if you use it correctly
  • Command words - There is a big difference between a "describe" question and an "explain" question, know the difference. Also, if it says "use the data" or "use information from the passage/ article" then it wants you to quote from the information in front of you.

Revision links

Revision links - Science
  • GCSE AQA Science - course specification, teaching and learning resources, past papers and mark schemes.
  • Science - GCSE Science on the BBC Bitesize website.