Tips for revision


  • Learn vocabulary little and often (20-30 minutes twice a week) prioritising weaker topics.
  • Review past papers completed in class and mock exams.
  • Complete regular tasks from AQA workbook in addition to those set by your teacher.
  • Spend time regularly on the websites listed below to broaden vocabulary and inference skills.


  • Produce an English translation with your draft, so that a non-linguist can support you.
  • Create a schedule to learn a small part of your draft each day. Spend approximately 30 minutes per day. Review previous learning before each session.
  • Work with a partner who can prompt and give you feedback.
  • Use the Look, Cover, Write, Check technique, adding more each time.
  • Record your draft onto your phone and play in the background or play, pause and speak.
  • Display difficult vocabulary and phrases somewhere visible at home (wall, wardrobe, fridge etc).
  • Choose words for your prompt sheet carefully (key words, sentence starters, hard to remember words).

Tips for success

  • Make sure you participate fully in lessons and take every opportunity to speak Spanish to develop confidence and fluency.
  • Always try to develop your spoken and written language using a range of connectives, tenses, opinions and time phrases.
  • Note down any additional vocabulary mentioned in lessons.
  • Complete all homework tasks to the best of your ability.
  • Do NOT use Google translator. It does not translate accurately into Spanish.
  • Look for sources of authentic Spanish outside lessons.

Revision links

Revision links - Spanish