Useful Contacts

Year Group Leaders

Further information - Phone the Academy

If you require any help or information phone the Academy on 01226 742286

SEND Co-ordinator - Mrs L Hoyland -

Phone - 01226 742286

Email- [email protected]

Learning Managers
  • Year 7 Learning Manager4-754-tta-0512105208001.JPGMrs K Marsh
  • Year 8 Learning Manager4-800-tta-0512105258813.JPGMrs C Loxley
  • Year 9 Learning Manager4-702-tta-0512105241546.JPGMr J Malin
  • Year 10 Learning Manager4-569-tta-0512111805039.JPGMrs R Hague
  • Year 11 Learning Manager4-4-kjo.JPGMrs K Jordan

Extended Progress and Pastoral support

  • Miss C Reilly - Senior Pastoral Director
  • Mrs S Bellis - Attendance Office

To contact any of the staff above please use the web form on our contact page.